Basic Science


Dr. J. Matsubara, Professor & Division Head 
Dr. J. Barton, Professor 
Dr. M Cynader, Professor 
Dr. R. Douglas, Associate Professor 
Dr. D. Giaschi, Professor 
Dr. C. Gregory-Evans, Professor
Dr. R. Molday, Professor 
Dr. O. Moritz, Associate Professor
Dr. I. Oruc, Associate Professor
Dr. C. Shaw, Professor
Dr. M. Spering, Assistant Professor
Dr. N. V. Swindale, Professor


The major research themes are proliferative retinal diseases, degenerative retinal diseases, glaucoma, visual and developmental neurosciences and visual cortical function.


Dr. J. Barton’s Lab

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Dr. R. Douglas’s Lab

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Dr. D. Giaschi’s Lab

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Dr. C. Gregory-Evans’ Lab

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Dr. J. Matsubara’s Lab

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Dr. R. Molday’s Lab

Kwok, M.C.M, Holopainen, J.M., Molday, L.L., Foster, L.J., and Molday, R.S. Proteomics of Photoreceptor Outer Segments Identifies a Subset of SNARE and Rab Proteins Implicated in Membrane Vesicle Trafficking and Fusion   Mol. Cell Proteomics   7:1053-66 (2008).

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Dr. O. Moritz’s Lab

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Dr. I. Oruc

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Dr. C. Shaw’s Lab

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Dr. M. Spering’s Lab

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Dr. N. Swindale’s Lab

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