Dr. Kulbir Gill, Clinical Assistant Professor (Co-Division Lead)

Dr. Steven Schendel, Clinical Assistant Professor (Co-Division Lead)

Dr. Michael Dobrogowski, Clinical Professor

Dr. Gavin Docherty, Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Amaka Eneh, Clinical Instructor

Dr. Priya Gupta, Clinical Instructor

Dr. Dave Heinrichs, Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Paul MacKenzie, Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Edward Moss, Clinical Instructor

Dr. Marian Roesch, Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Robert Schertzer, Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Aishwarya Sundaram, Clinical Instructor

Dr. James Taylor, Clinical Assistant Professor


The group continues to be actively involved in clinical care, teaching, and research. The Glaucoma Fellowship attracts fellows world-wide, and we currently take two fellows per year.


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