Teaching Tracking and Payment System (TTPS)

The Teaching Tracking and Payment System (TTPS) is a new, province-wide system which the Faculty of Medicine is using to document the teaching contributions of Clinical Faculty who teach in the MD Undergraduate Program (MDUP). TTPS will improve administrative processes for managing Clinical Faculty information and payments.

TTPS will provide quarterly teaching statements for Clinical Faculty who teach in the MDUP. These statements will:

  • Detail teaching activities and payment amounts (when eligible);
  • Allow Clinical Faculty to review teaching activities and identify any inaccuracies; and
  • Provide a record of teaching contributions that can be used for reappointment, promotion and other recognition opportunities.

Important Links for Clinical Faculty

Compensation Terms

Clinical Faculty are paid:

  • $90 per half-day clinical teaching session with 1 UBC student
  • $110 per half-day clinical teaching session with 2+ UBC students

For payment eligibility and amounts, please reference the Compensation Terms for Clinical Faculty Teaching in the MD Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs.

You can also refer to the TTPS Course and Activity Catalogue.

Preferred Payment Method

The TTPS payment default is via cheque.  To switch to direct deposit, please fill out the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Request Form and scan/email it to vendorsetup@finance.ubc.ca.

Please make sure your payee and mailing address with us is accurate by contacting the department with any address changes.

How to Read Your Teaching Statement

Four times a year, you will receive an email notice that your draft teaching statement for the previous quarter is ready to view online. Contact the department in which you are appointed or regional program in which you teach if you need to update your email address or other personal information. You can review the draft statement and report any discrepancies within 5 business days of the email notice’s send date.

Following this 5-day period, the statement will be finalized and any compensation will be processed and paid accordingly. Once a statement is finalized it can no longer be edited.

Please note: You will still continue to receive payment for your teaching sessions even if you do not log in to review your statement. However, we still encourage you to review your statement so that you may alert the department of any discrepancies; you have up to 1 year after the date of teaching to report any compensable teaching activity.

How to access your statement:

  • Ensure you have a UBC Campus-Wide Login (CWL) account
  • Click on the TTPS link in the notification email that you received
  • Login to TTPS using your CWL username and password
  • View your statement on the home screen or click “draft” to view a PDF version (sample PDF statement)

Need help? Check the Quick Guide (PDF) for step-by-step instructions with screenshots. For problems with your CWL, please visit UBC IT’s website.

Reporting discrepancies on your statement:

If you have a question about your teaching statement, or believe the information presented is inaccurate, you can report a discrepancy by clicking on the teaching activity and indicating that you would like to submit an inquiry (see Quick Guide PDF).

If a teaching activity delivered for the MDUP is missing from your teaching statement, please submit an inquiry. Any compensation owed will be paid if the compensable teaching activity is queried within a year of delivery.