Grand Rounds

Rounds take place on Friday mornings from 8am to 9am at the Eye Care Centre Auditorium (main floor). Please check for updates as topics and speakers are subject to change. For questions or concerns, please contact Selina Lau (program coordinator) at

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Winter Clinical Day – February 24, 2023
Research Day – April 14, 2023
BCSEPS Spring Clinical Day – May 26, 2023

Date Title Details
11-Jan-19 Considering patients’ requests for recording in the clinical setting
  • Resident: Colten Wendel
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
  • Speaker: Darren Kopetsky, Regional Director, Client Relations, Risk Management & Patient Care Quality Office, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
18-Jan-19 Ophthalmology in the UBC Undergraduate Medical Curriculum
  • Resident: Rosanna Martens
  • Chair: Dr. Jane Gardiner
  • Speaker: Drs Jane Gardiner, Nawaaz Nathoo, Gavin Docherty
25-Jan-19 Why Goniotomy?
  • Resident: Colten Wendel
  • Chair: Dr. Christopher Lyons
  • Speaker: Dr. Christopher Lyons
1-Feb-19 Classics and curveballs: The Neuro-Ophthalmologic cases of 2018
  • Resident: Carol Tadrous
  • Chair: Dr. Jason Barton
  • Speaker: Dr. Jason Barton
8-Feb-19 UGME Learning Environment Report for the Department of Ophthalmology
  • Resident: Henry Chen
  • Chair: Dr. Jane Gardiner
  • Speaker: Dr. Cheryl Holmes
15-Feb-19 The green anole lizard as a model for foveal development and damage
  • Resident: Wendy Ming
  • Chair: Dr. Cheryl Gregory-Evans
  • Speaker: Dr. Cheryl Gregory-Evans
22-Feb-19 Update on DaxibotulinumtoxinA and Vascular occlusion following cosmetic filler injection
  • Resident: Geoffrey Law
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
  • Speaker: Dr. Jean Carruthers
1-Mar-19 Using genetically modified X. laevis to examine mechanisms underlying inherited retinal degenerations
  • Resident: Wendy Ming
  • Chair: Dr Orson Moritz
  • Speaker: Dr Orson Moritz
8-Mar-19 The changing landscape of resident assessment
  • Resident: Geoffrey Law
  • Chair: Dr. Nawaaz Nathoo
  • Speaker: Dr. Nawaaz Nathoo
15-Mar-19 The quest for artificial cornea
  • Resident: Wendy Ming
  • Chair: Dr. Sonia Yeung
  • Speaker: Dr. Alfonso Iovieno
22-Mar-19 Evidence Based Management of Acute Endophthalmitis: Where are we now?
  • Resident: Mitchell Browne
  • Chair: Dr. Eduardo Navajas
  • Speaker: Dr. Steve Levasseur
29-Mar-19 Outbreak of anti-VEGF injection-related glaucoma in British Columbia, Canada
  • Resident: Grace Qiao
  • Chair: Dr. Eduardo Navajas
  • Speaker: Andrew Merkur
 5-Apr-19 Pediatric Orbital Tumors
  • Resident: Mitchell Browne
  • Chair: Dr. Jane Gardiner
  • Speaker: Dr. Conor Mulholland
12-Apr-19 Corneal Complications of Glaucoma Surgery
  • Resident: Carol Tadrous
  • Chair: Dr. Steven Schendel
  • Speaker: Dr. Gok Ratnarajan, Visiting Speaker
Venue: Eye Care Centre Auditorium2019 Research Day Program
 3-May-19  The perceptual experience of retinal and cortical sight restoration
  • Resident: Rosanna Martens
  • Chair: Dr. Debbie Giaschi
  • Speaker: Dr. Ione Fine, University of Washington
10-May-19 BCSEPS SPRING CLINICAL DAY: Glaucoma & Ethics
Venue: Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue (SFU downtown Vancouver) Clinical Day May 10, 2019 Glaucoma and Ethics, Provisional 3
580 West Hastings St, Vancouver
17-May-19  Global Ophthalmology beyond Vision 2020
  • Resident: Mitchell Browne
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Holland
  • Speaker: Dr. Vivian Yin, Visiting Speaker
24-May-19 Vision in animals. What do we know and how do we know it?
  •  Resident: Lauren Sawatzky
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
  • Speaker: Dr. Marnie Ford

Date Title Details
6-Sept-19 Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Conference (September 6 & 7, 2019)
Venue: UBC Robson Square
13-Sept-19 Risk of Glaucoma with VEGF Inhibitors in wet AMD: Review of the literature and results from the BC Retinal Diseases Treatment Program
  • Resident: Geoffrey Law
  • Chair: Dr. David Maberley
  • Speaker: Dr. David Maberley & Dr. Mahyar Etminan
20-Sept-19 The Impact of Systemic Medications on Retinal Function
  • Resident: Carol Tadrous
  • Chair: Dr. Eduardo Navajas
  • Speaker: William Mieler, Visiting Speaker
27-Sept-19 Ophthalmic Education in Mongolia
  • Resident: Myra Butler
  • Chair: Dr. Ari Giligson
  • Speaker: Dr. Ari Giligson
4-Oct-19 Mounds, Vessels, and Fluids: Ocular Oncology pot pouri
  • Resident: Lauren Sawatzky
  • Chair: Dr. Katherine Paton
  • Speaker: Dr. Katherine Paton & Dr Travers Weaver
11-Oct-19 Optic Nerve Sheath Fenestration and Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension
  • Resident: Grace Qiao
  • Chair: Dr. Peter Dolman
  • Speaker: Dr. Peter Dolman
18-Oct-19 Conundrum Rounds
  • Resident: Carol Tadrous & Henry Chen
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
25-Oct-19 Imaging the peripheral retina: an OCT perspective
  • Resident: Maryam Eslami
  • Chair: Dr. Eduardo Navajas
  • Speaker: Dr. Eduardo Navajas
1-Nov-19 Herpes zoster and the Zoster Eye Disease Study
  • Resident: Wendy Ming
  • Chair: Dr. Sonia Yeung
  • Speaker: Dr. Elisabeth Cohen, Visiting Speaker, Professor (Clinical) of Ophthalmology, New York University School of Medicine, New York
8-Nov-19 Now that retinal imaging is so advanced, do we still need electrophysiology?
  • Resident: Grace Qiao
  • Chair: Dr. Christopher Lyons
  • Speaker: Dr. Graham Holder, Visiting Speaker, BSc, MSc, PhD
    Hong-Leong Professor, National University of Singapore & National University Hospital of Singapore
15-Nov-19 When the drops don’t work: melts, bumps and scars
  • Resident: Rob Pintwala
  • Chair: Dr. Alfonso Iovieno
  • Speaker:Dr. Alfonso Iovieno
22-Nov-19 Updates in Glaucoma
  • Resident: Geoffrey Law
  • Chair: Dr. Kulbir Gill
  • Speaker: Dr. Kulbir Gill
29-Nov-19 Approach to the swollen disc
  • Resident: Amanda Schlenker
  • Chair: Dr. Salina Teja
  • Speaker: Dr. Salina Teja
6-Dec-19 1. Ophthalmic Surgical Robotics – an update

2. Computer simulation of blood flow in retinal microaneurysms

  • Resident: Wendy Ming
  • Chair: Dr. David Maberley
  • Speaker: Dr. David Maberley
13-Dec-19 Resident Christmas Rounds

Date Title Details
10-Jan-20 To swing or not to swing: using eye movements to decode human decision processes
  • Resident:
  • Chair: Dr. Miriam Spering
  • Speaker: Dr. Miriam Spering
17-Jan-20 BonT-A Secondary Nonresponsiveness
  • Resident: Wendy Ming
  • Chair: Dr. Jean Carruthers
  • Speaker: Dr. Jean Carruthers
24-Jan-20 Giant cell arteritis in the 21st Century
  • Resident: Maryam Eslami
  • Chair: Dr Wendy Ming
  • Speaker: Drs Mohammad Bardi, Natasha Dehghan & Daniel Ennis
31-Jan-20 Evaluation and management of thyroid eye disease
  • Resident: Myra Butler
  • Chair: Dr. Peter Dolman
  • Speaker: Dr. Peter Dolman
7-Feb-20 Vision Screening in Kindergarten
  • Resident: Geoffrey Law
  • Chair: Dr Debbie Giaschi
  • Speaker: Dr Daphne Maurer, Visiting Speaker, Distinguished University Professor, Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour McMaster University
14-Feb-20 Where in the world are we in Cornea
  • Resident: Henry Chen
  • Chair: Dr Paul Dubord
  • Speaker: Dr Paul Dubord
21-Feb-20 Somatization/Conversion Disorder
  • Resident: Geoffrey Law
  • Chair: Dr Conor Mulholland
  • Speaker: Drs. Andrea Chapman & Andrew Howard
28-Feb-20 A Cases of Two Discs and Two Problems
  • Resident: Grace Qiao
  • Chair:Dr. Kristopher Kowal
  • Speaker: Dr. Kristopher Kowal
6-Mar-20 Rheumatology/Ophthalmology Co-Management Model for Ocular Inflammatory Disease in British Columbia
  • Resident: Grace Qiao
  • Chair: Dr. Kaivon Vaezi
  • Speaker: Drs. Kaivon Vaezi & Kam Shojania, UBC Dept of Rheumatology
13-Mar-20 RB 2020: Rapid Action, Bad Business and Simulating Lesions
  • Resident: Rob Pintwala
  • Chair: Dr. Katherine Paton
  • Speaker: Dr. Katherine Paton

Date Title Details
8-Jan-21 Conundrum Rounds
  • Resident: Drs. Lauren Sawatzky & Rob Pintwala
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
15-Jan-21 Newer Management of Aging Skin
  • Chair: Dr. Jean Carruthers
  • Speaker: Dr. Jean Carruthers
22-Jan-21 Resident Rounds
  • Resident: Drs. Maryam Eslami & Cameron Oliver
  • Chair: Dr Salina Teja
29-Jan-21 Why prognostication in uveal melanoma helps to understand risks for COVID-19
  • Chair: Dr. Katherine Paton
  • Speaker: Dr. Martine Jager
5-Feb-21 Progress in ocular stem cell therapy
  • Chair: Dr. Kevin Gregory-Evans
  • Speaker: Dr. Kevin Gregory-Evans
12-Feb-21 Vision therapy for mild traumatic brain injury II: prisms, binasal occluders and filters
  • Chair: Dr. Jason Barton
  • Speaker: Dr. Jason Barton
19-Feb-21 Resident Rounds
  • Resident: Drs. Henry Chen & Dongho Lee
  • Chair: Dr. Salina Teja
26-Feb-21 Winter Clinical Day
Venue: St Paul’s Hospital
5-Mar-21 MINS, Strokes, Perioperative Optimization: Risk Factors Every Ophthalmologist Should Know About and What to do About Them
  • Chair: Dr. Katherine Paton
  • Speaker: Drs. Alana Flexman, Kelly Mayson, Katherine Paton, Stephen van Gaal & Donald Young
12-Mar-21 It’s not all ‘Junk’ DNA – shining a light on the genome’s dark matter
  • Chair: Dr. Cheryl Gregory-Evans
  • Speaker: Dr. Cheryl Gregory-Evans
19-Mar-21 Evolving Management in Orbital and Oculoplastic Surgery
  • Chair: Dr. Vincent Wong
  • Speaker: Dr. Tim Fulcher
26-Mar-21 Resident Rounds
  • Resident: Drs. Steven Bae & Amanda Schlenker
  • Chair: Dr. Selina Teja
 9-Apr-21 Surgical Retina Series: Out of the Ordinary
  • Chair: Dr. Eduardo Navajas
  • Speaker: Dr. Flávio Rezende
16-Apr-21 Vision and Driving
  • Chair: Dr. Salina Teja
  • Speaker: Dr. Salina Teja

Research Day

30-Apr-21  Role of Granzyme B in Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
  • Chair: Dr. Joanna Matsubara
  • Speaker: Dr. Joanna Matsubara
  • An Unexpected Refractive Error After Cataract Surgery: A Diagnosis Under the Radar
  • Acute Corneal Hydrops in Non Keratoconus patient
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
  • Speaker: Dr. Claudio Pérez & Dr. Ahmed Hamroush
14-May-21 Corneal Neuronitization: Factors for Success
  • Chair: Dr. Vivian Yin
  • Speakers: Drs. Ilya Leyngold & Ezekiel Weis
21-May-21 Retinal Imaging Biomarkers in Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  • Chair: Dr. Eduardo Navajas
  • Speaker: Dr. Daniela Ferrara

Date Title Details
10-Sept-21 Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Conference
(September 10, 2021)
17-Sept-21 NO FAT SHAME: Treating Obesity in Your Office
  • Chair: Dr. Heather O’Donnell
  • Speaker: Dr. Ali Zentner, MD, FRCPC, Diplomate ABOM
24-Sept-21 Hot Topics in Ocular Drug Safety: New data on:
1. Pentosan (Elmiron) and Maculopathy
2. Reported Ocular Adverse Events with 3 COVID-19 Vaccines
  • Chair: Dr. Mahyar Etminan
  • Speaker: Dr. Mahyar Etminan
1-Oct-21 Can I get the artificial cornea? Update on keratoprosthesis and corneal substitutes
  • Chair: Dr. Alfonso Iovieno
  • Speaker: Dr. Alfonso Iovieno
8-Oct-21 Prostaglandin Associated Periorbitopathy (PAP)
  • Chair: Dr. Salina Teja
  • Speaker: Dr. Kailun Jiang
15-Oct-21 Resident Rounds
  • Residents: Drs. Amanda Schlenker & Cameron Oliver
  • Chair: Dr. Salina Teja/Simon Warner
22-Oct-21 UBC Department of Ophthalmology Residency Training Program – Update on Feedback Structure
  • Chair: Dr. Claire Sheldon
  • Speakers: Drs. Claire Sheldon, Nawaaz Nathoo and Kevin Eva
29-Oct-21 Laser Retinal Therapy
  • Chair: Dr. Eduardo Navajas
  • Speaker: Dr. Daniel Lavinsky
5-Nov-21 GCA Updates in Diagnosis and Management
  • Chair: Dr. Maryam Eslami
  • Speaker: Dr. Mohammad Bardi
12-Nov-21 Conundrum Rounds
  • Residents: Drs. Steven Bae & Cameron Oliver
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
19-Nov-21 Putting Teeth onto Eyeballs. The OOKP and advanced anterior segment reconstruction
  • Chair: Dr. Sonia Yeung
  • Speaker: Dr. Greg Moloney
26-Nov-21 EDI and Residency Education in Ophthalmology
  • Chair: Dr. Claire Sheldon
  • Speaker: Dr. Nina Ahuja
3-Dec-21 Resident Rounds
  • Residents: Drs. Maryam Eslami & Dongho Lee 
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
10-Dec-21 The challenge of Pediatric Vitreoretinal Surgery: Making a Safe Entry
  • Chair: Dr. Eduardo Navajas
  • Speaker: Dr. Wai Ching Lam
17-Dec-21 Resident Christmas Rounds

Date Title Details
7-Jan-22 OCT of the cornea: Not just for the corneal specialist
  • Chair: Dr. Sonia Yeung
  • Speaker: Dr. Matthew Bujak
14-Jan-22 Resident Rounds
  • Residents: Drs. Rob Pintwala & Dongho Lee
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
Machine learning in ophthalmology #2: Using convolutional neural networks to analyze how prosopagnosic subjects look at faces
  • Chair: Dr. Jason Barton
  • Speaker: Dr. Jason Barton
28-Jan-22 Towards Improving the Learning & Work Environment at UBC PGME: Strategies & Collaboration
  • Chair: Dr. Claire Sheldon
  • Speaker: Dr. Sonia Butterworth
4-Feb-22 Resident Rounds
  • Residents: Drs. Amanda Schlenker & Carter Lim
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
11-Feb-22 An update on Neuromodulators
  • Chair: Dr. Jean Carruthers
  • Speaker: Dr. Jean Carruthers
18-Feb-22 Three French Sisters: A Review of Myogenic Ptosis
  • Chair: Dr. David Rossman
  • Speaker: Ricarda Benthem

Winter Clinical Day

4-Mar-22 From Van Gogh to Vision Rehab – an Overview of Comprehensive Vision Rehabilitation Care
  • Chair: Dr. Mary Lou Jackson
  • Speaker: Dr. Irfan Kherani
11-Mar-22 Resident Rounds
  • Residents: Drs. Steven Bae & Maryam Eslami
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
18-Mar-22 Double Vision Following Non-Strabismic Ophthalmic Surgery
  • Chair: Dr. Conor Mulholland
  • Speaker: Dr. Conor Mulholland
25-Mar-22 Glaucomatous Damage to the Macula: Review and Update
  • Chair: Dr. Robert Schertzer
  • Speaker: Dr. Gustavo De Moraes
1-Apr-22  Resident Rounds
  • Residents: Drs. Claire Sheldon,  Carter Lim & Jennifer Ling
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
8-Apr-22 Research Day


22-Apr-22  Stem Cells Clinical Trial for Outer Retinal Degenerations
  • Chair: Dr. Eduardo Navajas
  • Speaker: Dr. Rodrigo Antonio Brant Fernandes
29-Apr-22  Planetary Health
  • Chair: Dr. Jean Chuo
  • Speaker: Dr. Drs. Douglas Courtemanche & Rashmi Chadha
6-May-22 Two cases – One Diagnosis – Behçet’s Disease
  • Chair: Dr. Kristopher Kowal
  • Speaker: Dr. Kristopher Kowal
13-May-22 Macular Telangiectasia Type II
  • Chair: Dr. Eduardo Navajas
  • Speaker: Dr. Rodrigo Meirelles

Date Title Details
9-Sep-22 Resident Rounds
  • Chair: Drs. Simon Warner & Salina Teja
  • Speaker: Drs. Dongho Lee & Steven Bae
16-Sep-22 Inclusivity in the Learning Environment
  • Chair: Dr. Jane Gardiner
  • Speaker: Erica Amari
23-Sep-22 Cyber Crime – a seat belts and air bags approach
  • Chair: Drs. Simon Warner/Salina Teja
  • Speaker: Jonathan Schachter & Jonas Abersbach
30-Sep-22 Truth and Reconciliation Day
7-Oct-22 Resident Rounds
  • Chair: Drs. Simon Warner & Salina Teja
  • Residents: Drs. Cameron Oliver & Carter Lim
14-Oct-22 Retinal Imaging: A Journey through Time
  • Chair: Dr. Eduardo Navajas
  • Speaker: Dr. Netan Choudhry
21-Oct-22 The Gift of Sight: Understanding Eye Banking
  • Chair: Dr. Sonia Yeung (tentative)
  • Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Li

Collective Clues Towards Diagnosing Infectious Retinitis

  • Chair: Dr. Wai Ching Lam
  • Speaker: Dr. Anita Agarwal
4-Nov-22 Resident Rounds
  • Chair: Drs. Simon Warner & Salina Teja
  • Residents: Drs. Anastasia Faggioni & Steven Bae

Remembrance Day

18-Nov-22 Trachoma: Are we on track to eliminate the leading infectious cause of blindness?
  • Chair: Dr. Ken Bassett
  • Speaker: Dr. Paul Courtright
25-Nov-22 In memory of Dr. Dubord: Coffee for Corneas – Challenging Anterior Segment Cases
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
  • Speaker: Dr. Luke Northey
2-Dec-22 Resident Rounds
  • Chair: Drs. Simon Warner & Salina Teja
  • Residents: Drs. Dongho Lee & Cameron Oliver
9-Dec-22 Going Mainstream: The Current Gene Therapy Landscape
  • Chair: Dr. Eduardo Navajas
  • Speaker: Dr. Peter Kertes

Resident Xmas Rounds (PGY2)

Date Title Details
6-Jan-23 Resident Rounds
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner 
  • Residents: Drs. Mahadev Bhalla & Lauren Hughes
13-Jan-23 Neuro-ophthalmology Review: the curious case files of 2022
  • Chair: Dr. Jason Barton
  • Speaker: Dr. Jason Barton
20-Jan-23 Too smart to be influenced by marketing?
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
  • Speaker: Dr. Aaron Tejani
27-Jan-23 The impact of COVID-19 on the Sight Loss Population
  • Chair: Dr. Orson Moritz
  • Speaker: Dr. Mahadeo Sukhai
3-Feb-23 Resident Rounds
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
  • Residents: Drs. Carter Lim & Jennifer Ling
10-Feb-23 Competency by Design: The Ophthalmology Transition
  • Chair: Dr. Neeru Gupta
  • Speaker: Drs. Claire Sheldon & Nawaaz Nathoo
17-Feb-23 Inherited Retinal Degeneration: Diagnosis and Future Therapies
  • Chair: Dr. Kaivon Pakzad-Vaezi
  • Speaker: Dr. Kirk Stephenson
24-Feb-23 Winter Clinical Day
3-Mar-23 Non-Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathies – What is the diagnosis?
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
  • Residents: Drs. Anastasia Faggioni & Jeanne Lafortune
10-Mar-23 Tidbits in Ocular Drug Safety Research
  • Chair: Dr. Mahyar Etminan
  • Speaker: Dr. Mahyar Etminan
17-Mar-23 The Optic Nerve: Neuro-Ophthalmology vs. Glaucoma
  • Chair: Dr. Carol Tadrous
  • Speaker: Dr. Carol Tadrous

Physician Wellness Lecture in Honor of Dr. Peter Zakrzewski
Under Pressure: A Spotlight on Resilience

  • Chair: Dr. Katherine Paton
  • Speaker: Dr. Maureen Mayhew
31-Mar-23 Tocilizumab for Thyroid Associated Orbitopathy – A Canadian Perspective
  • Chair: Dr. Vivian Yin
  • Speaker: Dr. Evan Kalin-Hajdu

Good Friday


Research Day

21-Apr-23 Resident Rounds
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
  • Residents: Drs. Lauren Hughes & Mahadev Bhalla
28-Apr-23 TBC
  • Chair: Dr. Claire Sheldon
  • Speaker: TBC
5-May-23 Resident Rounds
  • Chair: Dr. Simon Warner
  • Residents: Drs. Jennifer Ling & Britta Gustavson


  • Chair: Dr. Simon Holland
  • Speaker: Dr. Simon Holland
19-May-23 TBC
  • Chair: Dr. Eduardo Navajas
  • Speaker: TBC