Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Department of Ophthalmology will strive for excellence in health care delivery, education and research. The mission of the staff of the department is to:

  • Provide exemplary patient care to set standards and establish a base for outstanding teaching and research programs in Ophthalmology
  • Disseminate and preserve knowledge for medical students and postgraduate students and provide continuing medical education for practicing physicians
  • Encourage understanding for patients and families of their eye diseases
  • Lead and provide research programs in both basic science and clinical studies in Ophthalmology to advance knowledge and contribute to the application of new discoveries for the development and advancement of eye care
  • To provide training in clinical and research Ophthalmology to programs in emerging nations
J. BartonM.D. (Br.Col.), Ph.D. (Tor.), FRCPC, (joint with Neurology)ProfessorInfoPubMed
M.S. CynaderB.Sc. (McG.), Ph.D. (M.I.T.), FRSC, Director Brain Research CentreProfessorInfoPubMed
D.E GiaschiB.Sc., Ph.D., M.A. (Ont.)ProfessorInfoPubMed
C.Y. Gregory-EvansB.Sc. (Sunderland), Ph.D. (Strathclyde), M.S.ProfessorInfoPubMed
K. Gregory-EvansB.Sc., M.D., M.B.B.S. (Lond.)ProfessorInfoPubMed
C.J. LyonsM.D., M.B.B.S. (Engl.), FRCSCProfessorInfoPubMed
J. MatsubaraB.A. (Col.), Ph.D. (Calif., S.Diego)ProfessorInfoPubMed
F.S. MikelbergB.Sc., M.D., C.M. (McG.), FRCSCProfessorInfoPubMed
R. MoldayB.Sc. (P.A.), M.Sc. (D.C.), Ph.D. (P.A.) (joint with Biochemistry)ProfessorInfoPubMed
O. MoritzB.Sc., Ph.D. (Br.Col.)ProfessorInfoPubMed
C. ShawB.Sc. (Calif.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Hebrew)ProfessorInfoPubMed
N. SwindaleB.A., M.A. (Camb.), D.Phil. (Suss.), M.A. (Camb.)ProfessorInfoPubMed
J. RootmanM.D.Professor EmeritusInfoPubMed
V.A. White B.Sc., M.D. (Nfld.), FRCPC (joint with Pathology and Laboratory Medicine)Professor EmeritusPubMed
M.J. PotterB.Sc., M.D., FRCSCHonorary ProfessorInfoPubMed
M. EtminanB.Sc. (Br. Col.), PharmD. (Idaho State), M.Sc. (Tor.)Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
I. OrucB.Sc., M.Sc. (Bogazici), Ph.D. (NYU)Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
M. SperingB.Sc., M.A., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
D.P. AndersonM.D. (Queb.), FRCSCAssociate Professor EmeritusInfoPubMed
I.S. BeggM.B., M.D. (UK), FRCSCAssociate Professor EmeritusInfoPubMed
G.R. DouglasM.D. (Manit.), FRCSCAssociate Professor EmeritusInfoPubMed
R.M. DouglasB.A. (Qu.), M.A., Ph.D. (Dal.)Associate Professor EmeritusInfoPubMed
J.S.F RichardsM.D. (Br.Col.)Associate Professor EmeritusInfoPubMed
M.J. JuB.Sc. (Dankook), M.Sc. (Gwangiu), Ph.D. (Br.Col.)Assistant ProfessorPubMed
S. YeungM.D., Ph.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCAssistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
P. ZakarauskaB.Sc. (Queb.), Ph.D. (Br.Col.)Honorary Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
D. MaberleyM.Sc. (Ont.), M.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCAffiliate ProfessorInfoPubMed
J.A. BlickerM.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
S.J. BroomeM.B., Ch.B. (Otago), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfo
J.D.A. CarruthersM.D. (Br.Col.), FRCS(UK), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
M.J. DobrogowskiM.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
P.J. DolmanM.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
P. FaberB.Sc. (McG.), M.B.B.S. (Aust.)Clinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
J. GardinerB.Sc., M.D. (Nfld.)Clinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
A. GiligsonB.Sc., M.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
D.V. GodinhoM.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
S.P. HollandM.B., Ch.B. (Zimbabwe), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
M.L. JacksonM.D. (Ont.), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
H. KhanB.Sc., M.D. (Ont.), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
F.C.H. LawM.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
J.I. LindleyB.Sc., M.D. (Nfld.), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
P.E. MaM.D. (Alta.), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
M.J. McCarthyB.Sc. (Br.Col.), M.D. (Alta.)Clinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
H. ParsonsB.Sc. (McG.), M.D. (Dal.)Clinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
K.E. PatonM.D. (W.Ont.), FRCSC, ABOClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
W.H. RossB.A. (McG.), M.D. (W.Ont.), FRCSC, CS(PQ)Clinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
S. SanmugasunderamB.Sc., M.D. (W.Ont.)Clinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
P.P. SaundersB.Sc. (Br.Col.), M.D.C.M. (McG.), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
S.W. SmithM.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
S.J. WarnerB.Sc. (W.Ont.), M.D. (Calg.), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
A. WongM.D. (Tor.), FRCSCClinical ProfessorInfoPubMed
F. BuffamB.Sc., M.D., C.M. (McG.), FRCSCClinical Professor EmeritusInfoPubMed
A. MaberleyB.Sc., M.D. (Alta.)Clinical Professor EmeritusInfoPubMed
D. AlbianiB.Sc., M.D. (Ont.)Clinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
M. AroichaneB.Sc., M.D., (Qu.) FRCSCClinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
M. BermanM.B., Ch.B. (S.Afr.), FRCSCClinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
D.M. ButlerM.D. (Halifax), FRCSCClinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
L.M. Chen B.Sc., M.Sc., M.D. (Br.Col.), FRSCCClinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
T.A. DemcoB.A. (Wash.), M.D. (Br.Col.), FRSCCClinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
H. DhaliwalB.Sc., M.D. (Manit.)Clinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
F. ForooghianM.Sc., M.D. (Alta.), FRCSCClinical Associate ProfessorPubMed
A. IovienoM.D., Ph.D. (University Campus Bio-Medico), FRSCS, FACSClinical Associate ProfessorPubMed
C.V. JonesB.M., B.Ch., FRCSCClinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
F. KheraniB.Sc., M.D. (Alta.), FRCSCClinical Associate ProfessorPubMed
J.M. MacIntoshM.D. (W.Ont.), FRCSCClinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
P. MackenzieM.D., Ph.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
G. MoloneyM.B.B.S., B.Sc., M.D.Clinical Associate ProfessorPubMed
E. NavajasM.D., Ph.D. (UNIFESP)Clinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
A.W. PrattB.Sc., M.D., C.M. (McG.), DABO, FRCSCClinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
M. ReesM.D. (Sask.), FRCSC, DABOClinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
M.T. RoeschM.D. (Sask.) FRCSCClinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
R. SchertzerB.Sc. (McG.), M.D. (Dal.)Clinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
C. SheldonB.Sc., M.Sc., M.D./Ph.D (Br. Col.)Clinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
H.F.S. SuttonM.B., B.S. (Eng.), M.R.C.S. (Eng.), A.K.C. (Lond.), FRCSCClinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
V. YinB.A., M.D., (W. Ont)Clinical Associate ProfessorInfoPubMed
S. BakerB.Sc., M.D. (Manit.) FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
R. BaldassareM.D. (McG.)Clinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
R. BearB.Sc., M.D., FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
M. BujakB.Sc. (University of Alberta and Queens University), M.D. (University of Toronto), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
A.J. BurnettB.Sc. (Br.Col.), M.D. (Nfld.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
M.T.W. ButlerButler, B.Sc., M.D., FRCSCClinical Assistant Professor
J. ChambersM.D. (McG.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
J. CherryB.Sc. (M.I.T.), M.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
J. ChewB.Sc. M.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
G. ChuB.Sc., M.D. (Alta.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
J. ChuoB.Sc., M.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
M. ClarkeB.Sc., M.D., FRCSC(N.S.)Clinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
O. DamB.Sc., M.D. (Ont.) FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfo
W. de BruinM.Sc., M.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
P. DentonB.Sc., M.D., FRCSCClinical Assistant Professor
J. DragicevichB.Sc., M.D. (Alta.) FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
M. ErasmusM.B., Ch.B. (S.Afr.)Clinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
K.D. GanB.Msc., M.D. (Alta.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
H. GillB.Sc., M.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
K. GillB.Sc., M.D. (Manit.)Clinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
D.A. HeinrichsM.D. (Br.Col.), M.Sc., FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
G. HoarB.A., M.D. (Nfld.) FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfo
H. HollandsB.Sc., M.Sc., M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
P.M. HoppM.D., FRCSCClinical Assistant Professor
R.A. KennedyM.D., C.M. (McG.)Clinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
A. KirkerB.Sc., M.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
S. LamB.Sc., M.B.B.S. (U.K), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
A. LukarisM.B., M.C.H. (Wales), M.R.C.O.(RCOPHTH)Clinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
N. MallekB.Sc.H. (Ont.), B.Sc.D. (Br.Col.), M.D. (Alta.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
Z. MammoB.Sc. (McM), M.D. (University of Toronto), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
A. MerkurM.D. (Ont.)Clinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
K. MohasebB.Sc., M.H.Sc., M.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
C.P. MulhollandM.D. (The Queen’s University of Belfast), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
T. NagyM.D. (Alta.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
N. NathooM.D. (Alta.)Clinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
C. NelsonM.D. (Ireland), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
A. NeufeldB.Sc. (S.Fraser), M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
H. O'DonnellB.Sc. (Vic. B.C.)), M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
V. PegadoM.D. (Ont.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
A. PorzecanskiM.D. (Uruguay), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
M. QuinlanCh.B., M.D. (S.Afr.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
C. RamsteadB.Sc., M.D. (Alta.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
D. RossmanM.D. (Br.Col.) FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
S. SchendelB.Sc., M.D. (Alta.)Clinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
B. SextonB.Sc., M.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
S. ShorttB.Sc., M.D. (Alta.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
J. TaylorM.D. (McG.) FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
F. TheriaultB.Sc., M.D. (Alta.) FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
A. TischlerB.Sc., M.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
K.P. VaeziB.Sc. (Vic (B.C.)), M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
A. VeselinovicM.D. (Rijeka)Clinical Assistant ProfessorPubMed
S.M.A. WallaceM.D. (Tor.)Clinical Assistant ProfessorInfo
K. YapFRCSCClinical Assistant ProfessorInfoPubMed
P.J. KonkalM.D. (Manit.), CRCS(C), FRCSCClinical Assistant Professor EmeritusInfoPubMed
H. MeadowsB.Ed., B.Mus., B.Sc., M.Sc.Assistant Professor of TeachingInfoPubMed
B.K. AdanteB.Sc. (University of Alberta), M.D. (Loma Linda University)Clinical Instructor
J. AghajanianB.Sc. (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorInfoPubMed
A. BasiliousB.Sc. (University of Windsor), M.D. (Tor.), FRCSCClinical InstructorInfoPubMed
Z. BarendB.Sc. (Br.Col.), M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical Instructor
D. BehnB.Sc., M.Sc. (McG.), M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
R.D. BhuiB.Sc., M.D. (W.Ont)Clinical InstructorPubMed
S. BhuiB.S. (University at Buffalo), M.D. (Temple University), FRCSCClinical InstructorPubMed
L. BothaMBChB (Pret.), FCS (Ophth.) SAClinical InstructorPubMed
A. BrierlyM.D. (Sask.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
M. BrowneB.Sc., M.Sc., M.D. (Memorial University, St. Johns), FRCSCClinical InstructorPubMed
M. BrucksB.Sc. (CUC), M.D. (LLC)Clinical InstructorPubMed
A. ButlerB.Sc. (Vic.(B.C.)), M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
M. ButlerM.D. MHS (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
L. ChuiM.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical InstructorInfoPubMed
K. ClapsonClinical InstructorPubMed
R. CottleB.Sc., M.D., M.Sc. (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
A. D'SouzaM.D. (Calc.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
D. DhandaB.Sc. (Br.Col.), M.D. (Ont.)Clinical InstructorInfoPubMed
G. DochertyB.Sc., M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
D. FineB.Sc. (Qu.), M.D. (Br.Col.), M.P.H., FRCSCClinical InstructorInfoPubMed
R. GizickiM.D (McG.), FRCSCClinical InstructorPubMed
H. GjerdeB.Sc. (McG), M.D. (Manit.), FRCSCClinical InstructorPubMed
P. GuptaB.Sc., (USC), M.D., (USC), FRCSCClinical InstructorInfoPubMed
D. HammoudiB.Sc., (McG.), M.D. (Tor.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
V. Ho YuenM.D. (Tor.)Clinical Instructor
M. HoonjanMD., FRCSC (UMDNJ)Clinical InstructorPubMed
N.H. HwangB.Sc., M.D. (Sask.), CCFP, FRCSCClinical InstructorInfoPubMed
W. IngramM,B.,ChB, FCS(SH), FRCSC (Rhodes)Clinical InstructorPubMed
C. IsbisterM.D., Ph.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
P. JelfimowM.D., FRCSCClinical Instructor
K. JiangB.Sc. (Br.Col.) M.D. (Manit), FRCSCClinical InstructorPubMed
A. JoeB. Sc., Ph.D., M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
M. JonesB.Sc., (Br.Col.), M.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical InstructorInfoPubMed
R.B. KhandekarM.B.B.S., DOMS (India)Clinical InstructorInfoPubMed
J. KingM.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical InstructorPubMed
A. KoB.Sc., M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorInfoPubMed
G. LawB.Sc. (Tor.), M.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical Instructor
S. LevasseurM.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical InstructorPubMed
R. LiuB.Sc., M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
S. MaM.D. (Tor.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
R. MartensM.D.Clinical InstructorPubMed
L. MokB.Sc., M.D., (Br.Col)Clinical InstructorPubMed
E. MossB.Sc. (Tor.), M.D. (Qu.) FRCSCClinical InstructorPubMed
D.E. NelsonM.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorInfoPubMed
G. NoureddinM.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical InstructorInfoPubMed
T. OrtonM.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical InstructorInfoPubMed
F. PesentiM.D. (Laval University)Clinical InstructorPubMed
C. PetersB.Sc., M.D. (Alta.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
C. PollockB.Sc., M.Sc, M.D. (W.Ont)Clinical InstructorInfoPubMed
J. PostM.D. (Sask.), J.D. (Sask.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
K. RamseyB.A., M.Ed., M.D. (W.Ont)Clinical InstructorPubMed
R. RatzlaffM.D.Clinical InstructorPubMed
M. ScheepersM.B., Bc.H. (Witw.), M.R.C.O. (RCOPHTH)Clinical InstructorInfoPubMed
K. ScottB.Sc. (S.Fraser), M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
A. SethB.Sc. (Br.Col.), M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
B. SilverB.Sc. (Leth.), M.Sc. (Leth.), M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
K. SullivanM.D., FRCSC (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorInfoPubMed
C. SylvesterM.D. (University of Ottawa)Clinical InstructorPubMed
Z. TadrousMB, BCh., (Ain Shams University, Cairo Egypt), FRCSCClinical InstructorPubMed
R. TalbotM.D. (Ott.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
S. TejaB.Sc. (McGill University), M.D. (University of Calgary), FRCSCClinical InstructorInfoPubMed
R. ThomasM.B., Ch.B. (Birm.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
C. WaiteB.Sc. (Br.Col.), M.D. (Br. Col.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
D. Warder B.Sc. (Vic.), M.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical InstructorPubMed
C. WendelB.Sc. (University of Saskatchewan), M.D. (UBC), FRCSCClinical InstructorPubMed
S. WiseB.Sc. (Qu.), M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorInfoPubMed
L. WittenbergM.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical InstructorInfoPubMed
B. WoodburnM.D. (Br.Col.), FRCSCClinical InstructorInfoPubMed
P.T. YangB.Sc., M.D. (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
G. YearsleyB.Sc., B. Ed, M.D., (Br.Col.)Clinical InstructorPubMed
B. ZackClinical InstructorPubMed
G. ZohdyClinical InstructorPubMed
R. Walker B.Sc., M.D., FRCSC (Sask.)Honorary Clinical InstructorPubMed
K. BassettFamily PracticeAssociate MemberInfoPubMed
A. AlbonicoResearch AssociateInfoPubMed
L. CuiM.D. (China)Research AssociatePubMed
L. KojicResearch AssociateInfoPubMed
C-K. KuoResearch AssociateInfoPubMed
B. CarrPost Doctoral Research FellowInfoPubMed
H.M. ChowPost Doctoral Research FellowInfoPubMed
C. LaverPost Doctoral Research FellowInfoPubMed
P. WijesinghePost Doctoral Research FellowInfoPubMed
Administrative Staff

Department Head

Dr. Neeru Gupta

Department Head’s Secretary

Lynn Zhang

604 875 4111 ext. 69156

Patient Services Manager

Marlene Matsuba (VCH)


Financial & Operations Administrator

Derek Agyapong-Poku


Educational Program Administrator

Smitha Gopala Krishnan

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Selina Lau

604-875-4111 ext. 62712

Receptionist & HR

Aqsa Shaikh


Finance Assistant

Tayo Olaniyonu


Find Information and contacts for our campus locations.

4480 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC
V6H 3V4
Childrens & Womens Health Centre of British Columbia

Paediatric Ophthalmologists

  • Dr. C.J. Lyons, Head: 604-875-3117
    Chloe Gregg, Secretary: 604-875-3117
  • Dr. J. Gardiner: 604-875-3079
    Dolores Latham, Secretary - 604- 875-3079
  • Dr. M. Aroichane - 604-875-3868
    Natalie Wong, Secretary - 604-875-3868


  • Information: 604-875-2345 (Local 7849)


  • Christy Giligson, Head: 604-875-2326
  • Andrea Quan: 604-875-2111
  • Vaishali Mehta: 604-875-2111

Visually Impaired Program

  • Dr. C. Matsuba, Director: 604-875-2345 (Local 7006)
    Dolores Latham, Secretary: 604-875-3079


Room B205, JPPN, 855 West 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9
Tel: (604) 875-4567
In Canada: 1-800-667-2060
Fax: (604) 875-5316

  • Ivan Yan, Head Technologist
  • Brian Ha, Assistant Head Technologist
  • Chris Frketich, Senior Transplant Coordinator
  • Rick Farrer, Senior Transplant Coordinator
  • Teresa Haydamack, Transplant Coordinator
  • Ari Tahmanian, Transplant Coordinator
  • Melissa Tautscher, Transplant Coordinator
  • Julie Frketich, QA Coordinator
  • Shannon Leonard , Donor Development Liason
  • Linda Wong, Manager
  • Samath Ban, Administrative Secretary
  • Dr. Sonia Yeung, MD – Medical Director
  • Dr. Simon Holland, MD ChB – Associate Medical Director

2550 Willow St.
Vancouver, BC
General information: 604-875-4555
Parking: Limited, metered parking is available around and beneath the ECC. There are several pay parking lots within one block of the building.

Section A


  • Dr. M. Dobrogowski - 604-875-5575
    Amy Chow, Secretary - 604-875-5575
    Fax - 604-875-5576
  • Dr. Frederick Mikelberg - 604-875-4365
    Diana Capozzi, Medical Office Assistant - 604-875-4365
    Fax - 604-875-4606

Section B


  • Dr. David Albiani - 604-875-1661
  • Dr. Andrew Kirker – 604-875-1661
  • Dr. Andrew Merkur - 604-875-1661
  • Dr. Michael Potter - 604-875-1661
  • Fax - 604-875-1677


  • Lee-Ann Soueiti, Office Manager
  • Harpreet Dhaliwal, Medical Office Assistant
  • Larla Leonido, Medical Office Assistant, Surgical Booking
  • Garnet Elvena, Medical Office Assistant
  • Samantha Tatel, Medical Office Assistant
  • Katarina Mendoza, Medical Office Assistant

Research Team

  • Alexsandra Kuzmanovic, F/T Research Coordinator – 604-875-4253
  • Fax: 604-875-5472

Section C

Retina and Vitreous

Dr. David Maberley - 604-875-4599
Dr. Zaid Mammo

  • Cheyenne Johnson, Clinical Nurse Research Manager - 604-875-4599
  • Theresa Wiens, Clinic Nurse Manager 875-4111 x62544
  • Karisa Valeros, Office Manager and Assistant - 604-875-4599
  • Judy Tai, Assistant - 604-875-4599
  • Yvonne Watt, Assistant, 604-875-4599
  • Fax - 604-875-4699

Dr. Eduardo Navajas - 604-875-5475

  • Susan Huhn, Office Manager - 604-875-5475
  • Cheiko Thomas, Assistant - 604-875-5475

Section D


Dr. Paul Mackenzie 604-875-4624

  • Sherry Yaldiz, Office Manager/Surgical Booking - 604-875-4624
  • Amber Toorenburgh, Ophthalmic Technician - 604-875-4624
  • Christina Menic, MOA/Clinical Secretary - 604-875-4624
  • Fax – 604-875-4633


  • Information/Bookings: Arlene Vanderhoeven, Clinical Educator 604-875-4111 ext. 66640
  • Medical Director: Dr. David Albiani

Section E

Out patient clinic, Vancouver General Hospital

  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Outpatient Clinic: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Medical Director: Dr. F. Law
  • Clinic Coordinator: Kate Callaghan - 604-875-4111 x63660
  • Clinical Secretary: 604-875-4044

Section F

Ophthalmic Photography

  • Appointments: 604-875-5076
  • Information: 604-875-4585
  • Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Dr. D. Maberley, Medical Director
  • Maria Guzman, Secretary - 604-875-4585
  • Laura Hall, Senior Photographer
  • Bryan Harrison, Photographer
  • Chris Carlton, Photographer
  • Anne-Marie Godfrey, Photographer
  • Glenn Ottenbreit, Photographer
  • Ligia Petruse, R.N.
  • Mari Spencer, RN
  • Kelly Grant, Photographer
  • Fax - 604-875-5731

Section G

Corneal Surgery and External Diseases

Dr. Simon Holland - 604-875-5850

  • Janis Servais, Office Manager - 604-875-5450
  • George Chan, Research Assistant/Ophthalmic Technician
  • Sara Dewan, Medical Office Assistant – 604-875-5850
  • Pat Moschetti, Medical Office Assistant – 604-875-5450
  • Fax - 604-875-5860

Dr. Martin McCarthy - 604-875-4407

  • Janis Servais, Office Manager - 604-875-5450
  • Lawrence Lacandula, Ophthalmic Technician – 604-875-4407
  • Beth Longpre, Surgical Booking – 604-875-4407
  • Fax - 604-875-5748

Dr. John S.F. Richards - 604-875-4435

Section H

Oculoplastic & Orbital Oncology

Corneal Surgery

Dr. David F. Rollins - 604-875-1521

  • Kavita Talwar, Clinical Coordinator
  • Evonne Chan, Office Manager & Technician
  • Cathy Brown, Medical Transcriptionist
  • Fax - 604-875-5070

Section I

Oculoplastics, Lacrimal and Orbital Surgery

Dr. Peter Dolman - 604-875-4346

  • Ida Choi, Secretary - 604-875-4346
  • Willy Yap, Surgical Coordinator - 604-875-4346
  • Fax - 604-875-4701

Dr. David Rossman - 604-875-4316

  • Kathleen Cabales, Clinical Secretary - 604-875-4316
  • Johanna Carolino, Surgical Coordinator - 604-875-4316
  • Fax - 604-875-5065

Section J

Visual Field Laboratory

  • Appointments Phone - 604-875- 5076 (Scheduling and Rescheduling)
  • Information - 604-875-4153
  • Fax - 604-875-5750
  • Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Medical Director: Dr. Jason Barton
  • Supervisor: Sherry Labermeyer
  • Clinical Secretary: Lisa Sy
  • Secretary: 604-875-4153


  • Rose Boyd
  • Andrea Schneider
  • Nicoleta Hazaparu
  • Sue Ferguson
  • Harpreet Purewal
  • Lilia Rosenrauch
  • Cristina Cabrera
  • Beza Yidegiligne

Section K


  • Dr. Duncan Anderson
  • Dr. Jason Barton
  • Dr. Jean Chuo
  • Dr. Sara Simpson
  • Enissa Alhashimi, Office Manager - 604-875-4339
  • Rosario Ong, Clinical Secretary - 604-875-4339
  • Fax - 604-875-4302

Section M

BC Vision Rehab Clinic - Low Vision

  • Telephone: 604-875-4267 (Bookings & Information)
  • Hours: Monday 0800-1600hrs
  • Dr. M.L. Jackson
  • Dr. S. Broome
  • Dr. S.J. Warner
  • Fax - 604-875-5750 or 604-875-6218

Section L

Ocular Oncology

Dr. Katherine Paton - 604-875-5201

  • Grace Uy, Clinical Secretary - 604-875-5201
  • Fax - 604-875-5679

Anterior Segment Assessment Unit

  • Ophthalmic Ultrasound
  • Fee Flannery, Secretary/Booking - 604-875-5883
  • Aftab Shaikh, Technician
  • Alejandro Chung, Technician
  • Fax - 604-875-5679

Artificial Eye Clinic

  • Marie Allen, Ocularist - 604-875-4098
  • www.artificial-eye-clinic.com


Ophthalmic Pathology

  • Dr. Val White - 604-875-4111, ext 63975
  • Dr. Steve Rasmussen - 604-875-4111, ext 63975

UBC Research Laboratory

  • Dr. Joanne Matsubara, Director - 604-875-4383
  • Eleanor To, Research Lab Manager 604-875-5531

Surgical Daycare Unit

Dr. David Rollins - Medical Director

  • Kate Callaghan, Nurse Coordinator - 875-4111 x63660
  • Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Reception - 604-875-5893
  • Slating Office - 604-875-4111 ext. 54216

St. Paul's Hospital
Providence Health Care
1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver BC
V6Z 1Y6

Eye Clinics

Valerie Chua
Puneet Khara
Bonnie Ly
Scheduling - 604-806-8168
Fax - 604-806-8058


  • Dr. Pierre Faber, Department Head - 604-806-8169
  • Irene Lim - 604-806-8169

Cornea Service
Information - 604-806-8168

  • Dr. Martin McCarthy
  • Dr. Paul Dubord
  • Dr. Simon Holland
  • Dr. Sonia Yeung

Diagnostic Testing
Information/Appointments - 604-806-8168

  • Visual Fields
  • Orthoptics
  • Photography
  • Fluorescein Angiography
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

General Ophthalmology
Information/Appointments - 604-806-8168

  • Dr. Pierre Faber
  • Dr. Jesse Chew
  • Dr. Harpreet Gill
  • Dr. Tanya Orton

Information/Appointments - 604-806-8168

  • Dr. Duncan Anderson
  • Dr. Janette Lindley
  • Dr. Jean Chuo

Information/Appointments - 604-806-8168

  • Dr. Michael Dobrogowski

Ocular HIV (Infectious eye disease)
Information/Appointments - 604-806-8168

  • Dr. Janette Lindley
  • Dr. Jane Gardiner

Information/Appointments - 604-806-8168

  • Dr. William Ross
  • Dr. David Albiani
  • Dr. Andrew Kirker
  • Dr. Andrew Merkur

Information/Appointments - 604-806-8168

  • Dr. Farzin Forooghian


  • Olena Mota
  • Mara Sketchley
  • Cindy Yang (Maternity Leave)
  • Cindy York (Maternity Leave)


  • Dr. V.A. (Tony) Wong


Surgical Staff

  • Dr. David Albiani
  • Dr. David Butler
  • Dr. Jesse Chew
  • Dr. Jean Chuo
  • Dr. Al Demco
  • Dr. Michael Dobrogowski
  • Dr. Paul Dubord
  • Dr. Pierre Faber
  • Dr. Ian Hass
  • Dr. Simon Holland
  • Dr. Andrew Kirker
  • Dr. Janette Lindley
  • Dr. Jocelyn MacIntosh
  • Dr. Martin McCarthy
  • Dr. Andrew Merkur
  • Dr. Suren Sanmugasunderam
  • Dr. Tony Wong
  • Dr. Sonia Yeung

Vancouver General Hospital
855 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver B.C. V5Z 1M9
Phone: 604-875-4111

UBC Hospital
2211 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 2B5
Phone: 604-822-7121




Qualifications and Experience:
– Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)
– Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)
– Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada (FRCSC)
– Surgical Skills

To the VA Department of Ophthalmology Head
To the Vancouver Acute, Providence & BCCH Departmental meetings

Job Description:

The Ophthalmology Department at Vancouver Hospital Eye Care Centre and the University of British Columbia are seeking applicants for the post of comprehensive ophthalmologist.

Candidates must have Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status, be licensed to practice in British Columbia, have CMPA coverage, and have Royal College certification. The candidate will be required to maintain an office in Vancouver and provide primary eye care for the local population. We encourage applications from members of groups that have been marginalized on any grounds enumerated under the B.C. Human Rights Code.

This position provides admitting and operating privileges at Vancouver General Hospital and operating privileges at the Eye Care Centre, as well as access to the Eye Care Centre treatment room and shared lasers. The successful applicant will be part of the clinical faculty of the University of British Columbia, and are expected to remain in good standing. No salary is provided for this position, as it is based on fee for service billing.

Responsibilities include participation in the ophthalmology on-call rota and taking an active role in the teaching of medical students, residents, colleagues, and nurses, as determined by the Department Head. At a minimum, this will involve supervising medical students one half-day per week, the VGH Emergency Eye Clinic (resident teaching clinic) one day per week and the Downtown Eastside Eye Clinic one half-day per month.

Resident surgical teaching is expected during allocated OR time, following the guidelines of the university department. The successful candidate is expected to participate in departmental and hospital committees, attend departmental meetings, and to contribute to clinical research.

Preference will be given to candidates with the potential to contribute significantly to the academic and administrative goals of the Department and University. An established record in comprehensive ophthalmology is not required, but the department will prioritize candidates with a vision for how they will enhance current departmental education for both residents and medical students.

Applicants for this position may have completed subspecialty fellowship training, that may expand their core general ophthalmology services, but the expectation is that they will practice as comprehensive ophthalmologists and should not anticipate access to additional resources usually restricted to subspecialty care.

Job Posting/Referral Contacts:

Please provide the required contact information for the individual(s) who will be the contact for this posting as well as receive all referrals/CVs.

*Name: VCH Medical Affair
*Email Address: VAMedicalAffairs@vch.ca
*Department: Ophthalmology