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Dear Colleagues,

As we move into the 2022 - 2023 Academic year, we hope the summer season has brought opportunities for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation!

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and enjoy this year's in-person Annual Graduation Celebration. It was a joyous event, filled with time to focus on many positive elements of our program and opportunities to reconnect and enjoy each others' company again. We should like to, once more, congratulate our graduated residents! Over the past couple of months, they have moved into the next stages of their careers, and we are so excited. Dr. Henry Chan is completing a Retina fellowship at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Carol Tadrous is currently completing a Galucoma fellowship at UBC. Dr. Lauren Sawatzky is working as a comprehensive ophthalmologist in Penticton, BC. Dr. Grace Qiao is working in Vancouver as a comprehensive ophthalmologist. We are so proud of each of your accomplishments and are excited to hear what the future holds for your careers!

During our graduation celebration, Dr. Rob Pintwala announced this year's Residency Training Program teaching awards. "Each year our resident group takes time to reflect on the many staff who have enriched our training in the past year and who we feel are deserving of recognition for their contributions to our education. 
Many of our wonderful staff were considered - some of their ongoing commitment to teaching, and some for a renewed focus on resident education. Unfortunately, the awards could only be presented to a handful to individuals. I would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to all of our wonderful teaching faculty for their continued support of our residency program and our growth and development as ophthalmologists. Your mentorship and guidance is pivotal to our training and, now more than ever, is sincerely appreciated."

The 2022 Residency Training Program Teaching Awards go to:
Dr. Jesse Chew, for excellence in surgical teaching
Dr. Zaid Mammo, for excellence in clinical teaching
Dr. Gavin Docherty, for excellence in teaching in a community setting
Dr. Heather O'Donnell, for excellence in resident mentorship
Dr. Bryon McKay, for excellence in resident teaching by a fellow

As we send off graduates, please join us in welcoming our new PGY2 residents! Dr. Mahadev Bhalla, Dr. Jennifer Ling & Dr. Lauren Hughes are UBC graduates and are excited about this upcoming year of training. You may have met these residents during their PGY1 rotating internship year, but they have no started their core ophthalmology training. That means, they will be around the department more often - make sure to say hello and welcome them to the program!

Mahadev Bhalla
Jennifer Ling
Lauren Hughes

During this upcoming 2022-2023 year, we expect that the program will continue to respond to the recommendations of the Environmental Scan and our accreditation concerns. We have been working with each rotation head to ensure that fulsome training experiences for all residents, including regular face-to-face feedback and summation evaluations. The residency training program will be coordinating resident call coverage, keeping within all RDocs standards with a focus to optimize resident education, safety and wellness. Finally, the program has compiled semi-annual surgical participation numbers and annual teaching evaluations. These will be distributed to physicians shortly via e-mail. With these, the program will work with departmental and hospital leadership to not only ensure that all teaching faculty are contributing and elevating our program, but also to develop ways to recognize those individuals who continually create a lasting positive influence. A sincere thank you for everyone's efforts.

We wish all of you a relaxing and enjoyable summer. As always, if there are any concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Claire Sheldon
Nawaaz Nathoo

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