Pediatric Ophthalmology


Dr. Jane Gardiner, Interim Department Head
Dr. Maryam Aroichane, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Roy Cline, Clinical Professor
Dr. Alan Demco, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Peter Dolman, Clinical Professor (oculoplastics, orbit)
Dr. Debbie Giashi, Professor (research lab
Dr. Ross Kennedy, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Femida Kherani, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Christopher Lyons, Professor
Dr. Patrick Ma, Clinical Professor (retina)
Dr. Katherine Paton, Clinical Professor (ocular oncology)
Dr. Victor Pegado, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Megan Rees, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. David Rossman, Clinical Assistant Professor (oculoplastics, orbit)
Dr. Vivian Yin, Clinical Assistant Professor


Dr. Andrew Kirker, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Simon Lam, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. David Maberley, Professor
Dr. Paul Mackenzie, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Andrew Merkur, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Hugh Parsons, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Aron Tischler, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Sonia Yeung, Assistant Professor


This has been another successful year for the Department of Ophthalmology at BC Children’s Hospital. Clinically, we cared for 8,967 outpatient visits. As a group, we performed 914 surgical procedures in the operating rooms, a 23% decrease on the previous year, reflecting decreasing OR time allocation to Ophthalmology over that period.

Teaching is an important element of our academic mission. In the 2011-2012 period, we trained four post-graduate fellows in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, one each from Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia and Saudi Arabia. In addition, Neurology and Neuro-ophthalmology Fellows were taught in the Department.

At any one time, two UBC Ophthalmology residents come to do a 6-week rotation in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus. In addition, the majority of staff members contribute to UBC medical student education.

In September 2011 we hosted the seventh UBC biennial Vancouver International Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus conference. Invited guest speakers from Montreal, London UK, Manchester and San Francisco, and most of our local faculty addressed topical as well as controversial issues in our sub-specialty over this two-day conference held at the UBC Robson Square Campus. One hundred and twenty participants came from across Canada and USA for this popular meeting.

Several members of the Department fulfilled the academic mandate of UBC and BCCH, delivering invited lectures, eponymous lectures and teaching on visiting lectureships and professorships around the world.
Over the 2011-2012 period, members of the Department published 18 papers in the peer-reviewed literature, reflecting continuing interest in research and clinical audit as well as novel, important clinical observations. In that period, we also published a total of 12 textbook chapters.

We contributed to the administrative process within the university and the hospital, the majority of Staff members participating in committee work. We have had further discussions with regard to the department move to a new location on the hospital campus, hoping that this will remain geographically convenient for patients. We also look forward to continuing the fruitful interactions we currently enjoy with the other clinicians working at BC Children’s Hospital.


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(F) Denotes UBC Pediatric Ophthalmology Fellow