Oculoplastics & Orbit


Dr. P.J. Dolman, Clinical Professor & Division Head
Dr. F. Buffam, Clinical Professor (emeritus)
Dr J. Carruthers, Clinical Professor
Dr P. Denton, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. H. Dhaliwal, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. C. Pollock, Clinical Instructor
Dr. D. Rossman, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. V.A. Wong, Clinical Professor
Dr. V.T. Yin, Clinical Assistant Professor


Our division’s goals include excellent clinical care, teaching and research.

Our nine clinicians manage patients with diseases of the eyelids, lacrimal system and orbit from throughout the province and Western Canada.  Dedicated clinics and surgery are provided in lower mainland teaching hospitals including the Eye Care Centre and the Burnaby, Children’s, Lion’s Gate, Providence, Vancouver General and University Hospitals.  Drs Buffam, Denton, Dhaliwal, Pollock and Wong focus on oculoplastic diseases, Dr Carruthers on cosmetic oculoplastic procedures and Drs Dolman, Rossman and Yin on both oculoplastic and orbit disease.  Our division works collaboratively with other medical departments, including dermatology, endocrinology, neurosurgery, pathology, plastic surgery and rheumatology.

Teaching plays an integral role in the division with “hands on” teaching being a major strength for both residents and fellows. In excess of 1000 hours per year of teaching is provided by the members of the division in both clinical and surgical settings. Oculoplastic and orbit rounds are held for the residents and Fellows every fourth week. The division offers 1-2 fellowship training positions per year lasting 12 months, with special consideration for those returning to underserviced areas or academic programmes. Over 45 fellows from every continent have been trained in our unit over the past 30 years. Our teaching extends to other medical departments, with off-service rotations by plastic surgery and endocrinology residents. Several of our faculty are involved in national and international teaching through visiting professorships and lectures and also in volunteering their time to teach and perform surgery in underserviced areas around the world.

In the area of orbital research, our division has been involved with international collaborators in classifying and managing thyroid eye disease and orbital malignancies.  In oculoplastics, our contributions have included reviews of eyelid malignancies and several prospective studies on endonasal lacrimal surgery.  Several clinicopathologic studies have been conducted collaboratively with our Ocular Pathology colleagues.


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