Research Software Engineer

Dr. Max Cynader’s research group seeks a software engineer for developing a software platform for delivering an online brain health program to adults. This project is a part of a larger mandate to deliver brain health and brain fitness by effecting lifestyle and behavioural change in our participants:

  • Sleep
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Stress
  • Cognitive Fitness and Training

We have built a minimal web application platform that integrates at fitness wearable like a Fitbit along with a conversational agent as a coach. We need assistance with building out the many parts of this application and deploying it for use in our research studies and the general public. The application is currently being built using:

  • Angular 6 as our web application front-end
  • Python 3 built with Flask and SQLAlchemy serving an API back-end
  • PostgreSQL as our database
  • for our chatbot
  • Git for version control
  • Hosted on AWS using Elastic Beanstalk, AWS EC2, and AWS Cloudfront using AWS CodeDeploy for CI/CD and AWS API Gateway.


The successful candidate will have a minimum of 2 years experience building and deploying web applications. The candidate should have solid knowledge of Python and building an API back-end. The candidate should have familiarity with at least one web front-end framework (React/Vue/Angular/*.js), with a good knowledge of Javascript and/or Typescript. The candidate should have a passion for programming and excellent communication skills.

It is preferred that the candidate has knowledge of machine learning, natural language processing and deep learning. And a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related quantitative discipline

Why join us?

You will have an impact on the future of preventative health care while putting AI into production. You will be working with some of the brightest minds in the fields of neuroscience, machine learning and software development. You will get to touch DevOps, front-end development, back-end development, natural language processing and machine learning. You will also be working with data from wearable devices to understand human physiology, biology and behaviour.

Please send your applications to and a CC to All applications must include a CV and a cover letter.

Please note that this is a one-year position.